You must be able to pass a federal firearms background check to participate and claim your firearm. We are raffling off 40 guns in 31 days. One drawing per day for the entire month of December 2014. Two guns will be raffled on eleven days. The total dollar amount of guns raffled is $20,135. We will only sell 2500 tickets max. Tickets can be purchased for $20 per ticket, or 3 for $50, or 6 for $100. Drawings will be held each day at 11 am. Winners will be notified by phone around 11:30 each day. Also a list of winners will be posted daily on the website. Tickets may be purchased at the VFW Post in Missoula, MT. For questions regarding the raffle contact Jim Bobbitt at 406-240-9742 or via e-mail info@vfwpost209.org